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We’re Niji Universe Inc, 1ST KAWAII IDOL GROUP in Vietnam

Behind the name



“The colorful rainbow.”



“The vast. endless possibility.”



“The close, unified team.”

We want to become a strong idol group that can bring colorful joy to your life. 

our story

How the rainbow was formed.

“Niji Universe Inc” is a Japanese style Idol group in Vietnam. Before becoming idol, we were known as “Niji Dance Group”. On 14th August 2016, we changed our name to “Niji Universe Inc”, officially debuted as an idol group with our One-man Liveshow “Niji no Kiseki”.

Hoping to bring you joy and happiness, with our cute, energetic and colorful, raibow-like personalities from our members.

We have taken part in many events over the years, here are some of them:


  • Hai Duong’s Otaku Fes in HCMC (Spring Day, Manga Festival, Winter Convention,…)
  • Orochi’s Otaku Fes HCMC (Haru Matsuri, Natsu Matsuri,…)
  • Touch Fes in HCMC
  • Japan Festival in HCMC 2016, 2017
  • Siamdol Festival in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bangkok Idol Space
  • EOY Party in Singapore
  • Vietnam Festival in Tokyo, Japan

The MEMbers

Meet the colors that make Niji Universe Inc.


Color: Pastel Pink
Love dancing, watching movies and dramas, listening to music, hanging out with friends. Work extra hard on stage to make audience smile.

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Color: Navy
Queen of the Sweetland. Pretty on the outside, but CRAZY on the inside. Speciality is making dork faces. Love all thing sweet, including you.

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Color: Yellow
Sweet and energetic like sunshine. Currently in a serious relationship with Bubble Milktea and cannot function at all without them.

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Color: Pastel Orange
Sister-type idol that easy to talk with but very shy around new people. Have a strange fashion sense, mixing home and outdoor clothings. Big worrywart.

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Color: Hot Pink
A chibi cat girl who likes dogs. Love peace and indoor. Self-doubt a lot but working together to improve on it. Dance teacher of the group.

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Color: Pastel Violet
Dream of becoming a Sweet bowl of Ramen someday. Hate green food and probably can live on just eating sweet. Very proud of her thick bang.

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Color: Bee Yellow
Loves books and flowers. Hardworking like a bee. Seems levelheaded but can be dorks sometime. Surprisingly hot-head.

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Color: Bright Orange
Model student of Niji, smart, quick-witted and cheerful. However, she is a crybaby underneath and very into spiritual stuff.



Color: Cyan
Leader of Niji Universe Inc. Big-bear-figure both literally and figuratively. Often made fun as very cold-hearted, but it is just that she tries to be fair to everybody.

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Color: Red
Niji’s favorite member to hug. Very family oriented person. Quite clumsy and easy to forget things quite often.

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Color: Mint Green
Forever 17 years old idol. Looks very dignified but extremely witty with her joke. Is Niji’s Fashion designer and very detail oriented (mild OCD).

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Color: Peach Pink
A girl that fear nothing, quick to try new stuff. Extrude a very royal aura when photographed, but actually quite plain in normal life.

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Color: Cloud Blue
Neko’s younger sister and the youngest member of the group. A natural airhead and goes with her own pace. Can look very handsome with street-style cloths.

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Highlighted Activities

We dance. We sing. We live.

Tokyo Idol Festival is the biggest Japanese Idol music festival in the world, with many groups gathered to perform.
From this year, TIF will commence TIF Asia Tour, a special show for Japanese style idol groups accross Asia. Niji Universe Inc is very honoured to ba able to represent Vietnam to participate in the showcase “TIF ASIA TOUR KICKOFF” with other groups such as SiamDream (Thailand), OSIDORI ( Hongkong), Tsukiyoi Cresente (Đài Loan),… with special guests from Japan are Niji no Conquistador, and Wasuta.
The event will be held online, via Zaiko platform.
Ticket info:
Please join and support us!! #TIF_ASIATOUR #TIFアジアツアー


Check out our music.

Stardust Monster

2018. Singles

Ai'm Loving You

2018. Singles. Spotify |Apple | Zing


2019. Singles

Hashiro ~Niji no Mukou e~

2019. Singles


Support our activities in style. Goods designed by Niji’s members.

Always-on merches

Always available for you such as rubber bands, T-shirts, hand fans, etc.

Seasonal goods

Celebration, holiday photoset, photobooks, chekis.

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Sample only. Not actual products

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